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Pampered Pooch
It seems like all we hear lately are words such as “toxic”” and “cancerous.” Chemicals we use every day are being found to harm our environment and ourselves. More and more medicines are being discovered to have potentially fatal side effects. I am sure that we all know someone or someone’s pet that has suffered from some type of cancer. I know I have, too many to count in both areas. Yet as a society we continue to use these products for the sake of convenience and supposed effectiveness. Grab a bottle of the dog shampoo that is under your cabinet. Are there any warnings? The one that I found under my cabinet says: Precautionary Statements: Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals. It also gives instructions on what to do on contact with skin and eyes. Yet I have used this product on my dog in the past. Why… I don’t seem to know any more. In an effect to help keep our special family members, human and canine, healthy and cared for, I have developed a line of all natural dog care products as part of my aromatherapy business. Essential oils have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in various forms. They currently are being used extensively in Europe as alternative medicine. They work more gently within the body with very little if any side effects. The drawbacks to using essential oils and herbs lies mostly in the time it often takes for them to work. They don’t work as quickly as many of synthetic medicines. And in our “quick fix” society that is a benefit. Another drawback is that some companies don’t really make an “all natural” product and are able to get away with it, due to the lack of standards placed upon the industry. I use all natural ingredients and pure essential oils in my products. I make them in small batches and oversee personally every aspect of the production process. I can guarantee the quality and safety of every product I sell. Thank you for trying Faery-Wings Apothecary’s Pampered Pooch Aromatherapy line.
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 All Natural Flea Shampoo  All Natural Flea Shampoo   $4.00   
 All Natural Puppy Bar  All Natural Puppy Bar   $4.00   
   Flea Bar   $4.00   
   Soft Paws Salve   $4.00   
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